Filtro Aria per MITSUBISHI TL20, TL23, TL26, TL33, TL43, TL52, TU26 [#KA40045AA]

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Air Filter for MITSUBISHIRicambi per MITSUBISHI macchine TL20, TL23, TL26, TL33, TL43, TL52, TU26 [#KA40045AA]

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Air Filter that fits the following MITSUBISHIRicambi per MITSUBISHI macchine models, and replaces OEM Part #KA40045AA:

  • TL20-PFD
  • TL20-PVD
  • TL201-VD
  • TL23-PFD
  • TL23-PVD
  • TL26-PFD
  • TL26-PVD
  • TL33-PFD
  • TL43-PFD
  • TL52-PFD
  • TU26-MPD
  • TU26-PFD

This high-performance Air Filter Set comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.

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Will you buy a quality after-market part at the right price,
or a cheap piece that will need replacement after a couple of months?

No Exporters - No Intermediaries
You buy at a competitive price, because we buy directly from the source!

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