Primer Pompetta per KAWASAKI KBH48, KBL27 KGT27, KRB300 KTR27, TG18, TH43 TH48

2,21 USD

Primer Purge Bulb for KAWASAKIRicambi per KAWASAKI macchine KBH48A, KBL27A, KGT27A, KRB300A, KTR27A, TG18, TH43, TH48, TJ27D

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Primer Bulb which fits the KAWASAKIRicambi per KAWASAKI macchine models, and replaces OEM Part #49043-2071:

  • KBH 48A (old edition)
  • KBL 27A
  • KGT 27A
  • KRB 300A
  • KTR 27A
  • TG 18
  • TH 43
  • TH 48
  • TJ 27D

This high-performance Primer comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.


This top-quality Primer is covered by a 2-year warranty.

No Exporters - No Intermediaries
You buy at a competitive price, because we buy directly from the source!

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